-The Society provides its members with an effective means of developing personal contacts and stimulating their scientific and vocational interests.
-Members receive the Society's regular publications: The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (AJES), an internationally recognised journal, and the Society's newsletter, The Australian Geologist (TAG).
-Members receive newsletters of their affiliated Division or Branch.
-Members of Specialist Groups also receive newsletters and publications produced by the Specialist Groups with which they are affiliated.
-All Divisions hold regular meetings, publicised through Divisional newsletters, at which members may keep in touch with scientific developments, present the results of their work, and contribute to discussions on vocational and scientific topics.
-Members are entitled to reduced registration rates for the Australian Geological Conventions (held biennially) and may purchase the Society's publications at reduced prices.
-Corporate discounts with several hotel/motel chains and a car hire firm world-wide.


The Society's categories of membership reflect the professional qualifications or interests of the individual:

Graduates with approved tertiary qualifications or experience in the geosciences.

Associate Member
Available to interested persons with an involvement in the geosciences but without appropriate tertiary qualifications. Also available to schools teaching earth sciences.

Retired Member
A Member of at least ten years who has retired from professional practice. Retired Members retain all privileges and have the option of membership with or without the journal.

Joint Member
Partner of an existing Member who is eligible to join as a member.

Company Member
Available to companies or organisations engaged in geoscientific practices.

Student Member
Available to geoscience students at tertiary institutions.
Student members received additional benefits, including:
-subsidised subscription rates;
-special concessions to attend Society-sponsored conferences and seminars;
-possible financial support to attend the Society's Conventions;
-guidance, advice and support on professional matters;
-the opportunity to participate in Divisional or Branch activities;
-free membership for their Honours year.

Affiliate Members and Corresponding Members
Professionals in other disciplines who are not eligible to join as Society Members, but who are employed in, or have a genuine interest in, specialist areas of earth science, are able to join Specialist Groups within the Society. Affiliate Members are Australian residents and Corresponding Members are non-residents. Candidates for both categories must satisfy the appropriate Specialist Group that they are eligible to join.



Membership is from January to December. Members joining after June have the option of paying 50% of fees but only receive publications from July to December.  For the most up-to-date information on membership fees it would be best to consult the Federal GSA webpage.


If you have any enquires about membership contact Friedrich von Gnielinski on or phone (07) 3035 5222.

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